Let’s twerk! A slow story of a slow thinker

Another Friday of another week. Time to dress down and meet up with your office colleagues. One opportunity to get away of routine although, as usually, we go together to the same pub. That placed in the corner -“Why do more exercises out gym? We have to share our money and help to the businessman behind the running machine”- .

So, let’s go! “Another pint, this time an Ale, please!”. That seems the only change in this long stage. Your new colleague bring your brew and something else. A proposal. -I know. I am conscious that this word sounds a bit formal, but when the matter is to move a stablished crowd, sticked in their seats, you can’t offer anything unless you say something really good- Coming back to your mate with lovely complexion (after three pints thinking of that is too easy), she unexpectedly say ‘Why not do we take the next in Boteco di Brasil? People twerk in a crazy way!’.

Stop! Your brain has collapses. A hard working week, your mates chatting about nothing, your team will lose again this weekend, and now! WTF??? move? Boteco? and twerk? What on the earth is twerk? Ok. I accept I am getting older, perhaps, just perhaps, I may be becoming old fashionable, but in which school did the person who makes it up study? Tired, I have to use my imagination not to look like his father. Think, think quickly (I repeat myself trying keeping her attention on me)

Like a light, Brasil comes out my mind. “Brasil… pub… twerk… in a crazy way… samba… di Janeiro!!!! It should be something like… dancing! An exciting dance! That’s it! I am so smart. That’s why I am the candidate to be on the shoes of McKlaren when he retires (I smile and settle in my place)

Full of energy after my discovery, I turn my body looking my colleague to accept the offer (although I don’t have strength to shake my body tonight), at the same time I find out she is not there. My lips frowns as the only gesture I can do. She went out meanwhile I was figuring out. For me, it took five seconds! Maybe for her five minutes, cause now the pub is almost empty and I didn’t realise the process. That’s why my promotion will be as a research (at the moment I am just an assistant) instead of a manager project.

At the end of the story, the worst is I am still without knowing exactly the meaning of the word. I could go to Boteco or whatever by my own, catch up the group and, then, see what it is,. But, to be honest, we are on Friday, it was a long week, my beer is amazing, I am tired, getting older and blah blah blah… Too many excuses to explain that as a nerd I will never twerk.

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